The Oligarchy of Acawen is a nation of united city-state-like Providences, each of which is ruled by a Duke whom claims power through inheritance. The people of Acawen speak the Danik language in a similar fashion to the Tithenians.


The Oligarchy of Acawen is a nation of united city-state-like Providences, each of which is rule by a Duke or Lord whom claims power through rite of inheritance. These Dukes have complete and absolute power of their own providence of Acawen but have none outside of it, and must meet in council before action may be taken withing another Duke’s providence. This often causes for a delay in action from the government if a situation crosses a providence line.

To counter the power distribution the Dukes of Acawen may be called to council to handle any large or significant issues. These councils may be called by the head of any of the five houses, as they all own an equal portion of Acawen.

The People of Acawen

The people of Acawen, Acanians, have a proud if relatively brief history in comparison to the sister nation of Tithenia. This is due to Acawen being a part of the Kingdom of Tithenia until the year of 2045 (P.A.) when the Acatil Revolt separated the Tithenia’s eastern and western Providences.

While the Acanians share a heritage with the Tithenians they have grown hostile towards each-other. Acanians consider Tithenians to be greedy, money-grubbing, snooty, and are thought to change alliances whenever there is a shift in power. This viewpoint is countered with the Tithenian view on Acanians; seeing them as traitorous, deceitful, self-righteous lowlifes that a descendant of deserters and opportunists.

The Acanian Military

Although the Dukes of Acawen are in charge of mustering their own military forces they all follow the same principles and are nearly identical forces. This is most likely due to the history of Acawen.

During the encounters of both the Acatil Revolt and the Wengen Front Acawen had to confront a superior force of heavy cavalry, and a series of large piked masses. Due to being unable to muster capable cavalry or match the Sytagian force’s numbers, Acawen developed a strong, infantry focused, military. The Acanian military is mainly comprised of small, heavily armored, elite close-quarters combatants.

The most common unit is the Acanian spear-men, whom fight is tight phalanxes wearing scale and banded metal armor. They also wield large elliptical shields, which allow them to close on the Sytagian pikes

Major Places

Though Acawen has a rich religious and military history it’s most significant places are it’s cities. These cities not only act as trade and cultural hubs, but also as strongholds for the
Acanian military.

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